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Applus work in progress


A new brand with assurances

Agbar Automotive, a subsidiary of the Agbar Group, began operating in 1996 in the field of automobile certification and inspection, becoming a market leader in many countries. The diversification of its activities in line with its new strategic and internationalisation programme demonstrated the need for a new brand, with a vision that focused on multi-sector certification.


Top of the class

The international name Applus refers to the maximum score awarded in an examination or inspection, with the unique feature of also sounding the same as its contraction (A+) when read. The use of the contraction plays a key role as a seal of guarantee in the certification process and synthetic element of the brand.

Applus logo
Applus symbol
animación logo


A modern, approachable identity

The project also looked at the brand architecture of the various areas of business and the development of the identity across the brands different communication areas.In terms of colour we went for one not being used elsewhere in the sector, orange, for its connotations of modernity and approachability and its recall capacity.

diseño applus papeleria
colores identidad applus
conceptos estrategia applus
diseño uniformes
diseño presentacion
diseño sellos
diseño sello

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