Pacha Ibiza Fragances


Pacha Ibiza Fragances


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  1. Este anuncio de una mujer burbujeante para Aero utiliza el mismo código que el de Pachá. Es del estudio de animación PSYOP (Psychological operations) basado en Nueva York y fundado en el año 2000.

    As effects supervisor Joerg Liebold explains, the spot was a test of boujou’s versatility, casting the software in a motion-capture role, as well as a source of 3D date to assist with CG model construction. ‘We built a rig for the actor’s head that would let boujou track the rotation and position of her head, but we needed to do some facial tracking too. She’s eating chocolate so her features are moving, and to capture that we placed a few small markers on her face so that boujou could pick up those reference points for us to feed into the animation package.’ Next, the actor’s head was scanned, a 3D model created from it, and basic generic animation of the features added. By projecting the live action back onto the 3D head, PSYOP’s animators were able to match the movements of the head and the facial features.

    ‘Although this was the first time we’d used boujou in this way,’ Liebold says, ‘it was pretty easy to get all the tracking done. We spent a couple of days testing to find the best size of marker to put on the actor’s face, and after that we spent a day doing the tracking and finessing it with tools like Target Tracks. We had quite a few short trails that lasted only 5 frames or so, and I wanted those – the sheer number of trails helped us get a very precise result on the movement. We also used the 3D point cloud from the boujou data to help match the construction of the CG head to the scanned image.’

    Production Company: Psyop @ Passion Pictures
    Directors: Marie Hyon and Marco Spier
    Flame Artist: Eben Mears
    Live Action DP: Sam Levy
    Senior Producer: Angela Bowen
    Live Action Producer: Paul Middlemiss
    Executive Producers: Justin Booth-Clibborn and Cara Speller
    Junior Producers: Mariya Shikher and Belinda Blacklock
    Technical Director: Marco Vukovic
    Animators: Laurent Barthelemy, Domel Libid, Kevin Estey, Vadim Turchin, Gerald Ding
    Tracking: Joerg Liebold
    Particles Animator: Eric Lampi
    Junior Flame Artist: Jaime Aguirre
    Live Action Editor: Patrick Burns, Jr @ Wild Child

    Agency: Lowe London
    Copywriter: Tom Hudson
    Creative Director: Lee Goulding
    Producer: Marissa Jennings
    Account Director: David Clyde
    Business Director: James Graham

  2. No sé si lo habéis visto, pero el centro comercial La Maquinista de Barcelona ha hecho un anuncio hace poco extremadamente parecido al de Aero, con la cara de una mujer y todo. Fusilada?

  3. El anuncio de Pachá Ibiza Fragances es de Boolab y está dirigido por Denis Kamioka. Kamioka trabajó 4 años en el estudio brasileño de motion Lobo, y más tarde en la MTV Brasil. Después de mudarse a Italia para trabajar con Diesel ha aterrizado en Barcelona, donde vive la mitad del tiempo.

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